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Independent Study Abroad Programs

(Non-Fresno State Programs)

All Fresno State students studying outside of the United States on an Independent Program that will produce academic credit are required to register their program with the Fresno State Study Abroad and International Exchanges Office. This includes but is not limited to the following activities:
  • Independent study abroad programs
  • Independent Internships abroad
  • Independent group trips with a faculty member

Register for your program by clicking here.

All students traveling abroad are to purchase international travel insurance through Alliant prior to their departure.  After completing registration documents on SAIE website, you will automatically receive an email quote for insurance with instructions on how to pay the quote. 
SAIE staff will provide the following services to interested students:
  • Advice on ways to work with program advisors in their own to have courses articulated
  • Information about travel insurance
  • Pre-departure orientation which includes health and safety measures, cultural and academic preparation and adjustment to a new environment
  • Assistance to students to make an informed decision to participate in an independent program. Information will include disclosure that Fresno State:
    • Does not authorize their travel
    • Cannot guarantee their transfer of credit earned
    • Will not provide students with financial support 
For students who choose to participate in programs that are not listed in the SAIE programs, staff will not facilitate third-party programs and activities such as providing information about Fresno State students, home institution approval or nominations.