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Independent Study Abroad-Fresno State Program


Who should apply?

All Fresno State students studying outside of the United States on an independent program that will produce academic credit are required to register their travel with the Fresno State Study Abroad Office.
This includes, but is not limited to the following activities not listed under the search programs tab of this website:
  • Independent study abroad programs and exchanges
  • Independent internships abroad
  • Independent group trips with a faculty member
  • Independent work-study abroad

Mandatory Student Health/Travel Insurance

All Fresno State students who study abroad are required to hold travel/health insurance while abroad.  After you complete the student application and are accepted into the program, you will automatically receive an email quote for insurance, generally within 3-5 business days. Once you receive your quote, you will need to pay for your coverage through the provided link. Additional information and instructions will be provided when you receive your quote.

You will need to pay for your travel/health insurance prior to departing for study abroad, so you can receive your travel assist card to take with you.

If you have any questions about study abroad health/travel insurance, please contact Renee Camacho at

Study Abroad Office Available Services

  • Advice on ways to work with your program advisors to have your course(s) articulated
  • Pre-departure orientation, including health and safety measures, cultural and academic preparation, and strategies on adjusting to a new environment.

International Travel Grant

(currently not available for Spring and Summer 2021 applicants)

This grant is available to matriculated Fresno State students, participating in a Fresno State program, for academic credit. It is used to help offset the travel costs of studying abroad. Awards vary by year but are generally $500-$1,000 per award. Multiple awards offered.
Once you have been accepted in the system, you will gain access to the international travel grant application.

Non-Listed Programs

For students who choose to participate in programs that are not listed as a Study Abroad Office program offering, staff will not facilitate third-party programs and activities such as providing information about Fresno State students, home institution approval, or nominations.

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