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Study Abroad Ambassador Program

Study AbroadNow accepting applications for Fall 2019

Study Abroad Club (SAC)
Under the guidance of Study Abroad and International Exchanges Office and collaboration of the Study Abroad Club, the Study Abroad Ambassador Program is designed to help connect Study Abroad alumni, Fresno State students, and International Students.
  1. SAC will select Study Abroad Ambassador Leaders (3-5 students each semester)
  2. Organized monthly meeting or activities to engage and share with new international students
  3. Create relations between domestic and international students
Ambassador's Role
  1. Help international students have a smooth transition into their First Semester Experience by engaging students in activities in order to develop a sense of belonging. Promote international education and study abroad on campus.
  2. Volunteer hours towards building a strong international community on campus
  3. Practice important leadership skills (coordination, communication, marketing, and outreach)
  4. Sharing your stories and experience with others
  5. Help other students learn about the U.S., Fresno State and Study Abroad
  6. Aid international students in adapting to the U.S. academic and social environment
  7. Provide assistance to international students with daily tasks and resources at Fresno State and outside in the community
  8. Help to build a strong, supportive and global-minded community at Fresno State
OrigamiBenefits of being a Study Abroad Ambassador
  1. Gain valuable professional and leadership skills for future career
  2. Be a part of an international community on campus
  3. Engage with other alumni and international students
  4. Have fun sharing and learning about other cultures
  5. Obtain a Study Abroad Ambassador Certificate of completion
  6. Create long-lasting friendships
  7. Receive a book stipend at Kennel Bookstore
Ambassador Eligibility
  1. Demonstrate a desire to work with international students
  2. Demonstrate commitment to promoting the Fresno State mission of "international education"
  3. Complete the Study Abroad Ambassador application
How to apply to be a Study Abroad Ambassador
  1. Review the Study Abroad Ambassador responsibilities
  2. If you are interested in being an ambassador, please contact Marcela Magdaleno at
  3. APPLY HERE!  Application deadline: July 28, 2019